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Drunk driver in deadly crash already near parole eligibility

SURREY (NEWS1130) – The drunk driver who killed a young softball player in a violent crash in Surrey two years ago is soon up for parole. The victim’s family is insulted, given sentencing was less than three months ago.

Natasha Warren was handed a three-year prison term on December 28th, linked to a May 2011 crash that killed 22-year-old Kassandra Kaulius.

Kaulius was in her BMW when she was T-boned by Warren, driving an employer’s van, at the corner of 64th Avenue and 152nd Street. Warren drank a bottle and a half of wine before getting behind the wheel.

Because it’s a federal sentence, Warren can apply for some form of release after serving one-sixth of her time. Kassandra’s mother, Markita, who is also the founder of Families for Justice, thinks it’s ridiculous.

“Our daughter died a very violent death and to think that someone could only get six months for that crime… is an insult to my daughter, an insult to my family and to society as a whole,” she says.

Warren can apply for a halfway house in May, day parole in June, and full parole in July.

“When they apply for day parole, I always assumed it was for training, or school, or something like that,” adds Markita. “But when you get day parole, you’re good to go. You can go out at seven in the morning and not come back until night. You can go out for dinner, or for your friends wedding, or anything you want. You just have to come back at night for a sleepover; that’s it.”