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Construction materials crash onto West End street

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – An early spring storm made for a scary evening for some people walking along Davie Street in the West End.

Glass and other debris were falling from what is believed to be a condo construction site.

The road remains closed between Bidwell and Denman as a safety precaution.

Steven at Bella Pizza heard all of the commotion which he describes as “craziness” at about 6pm.

“We were just cooking pizza like we do most nights, there was a loud crash. We went to see what was happening and a pane of glass hit the Admiral Insurance across the street and shattered and hit the road. It was kind of raining down, some people thought it was hail at first. Some people came in to get away from the fallen glass,” he explains.

“One lady said ‘oh, my gosh!’ She was kind of standing there, we went to see if she was okay because we had some of the glass spray in to our little underground area here,” he adds.

He blames the wind. No one was hurt.

At one point, roughly 30,000 BC Hyrdo customers were without power in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.