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Using smart meters to stream free WiFi possible here

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Santa Clara, California has become the first city in the US to offer free WiFi throughout the city by using smart meters.  But is that possible here?

“The smart meter works because it’s in every home about 50 feet from each other and it’s a regular power connection,” says tech journalist Akash Sablok.

He adds people can typically access the Internet anywhere in town and there will be fewer folks running into coffee shops or hotels to get online.

It’s also a great draw for tourists.  “It’s nice for tourists to be able to come into our city, have a data connection, connect their phone and be able to get around the city; using their maps or anything like that they need on their portable device,” explains Sablok.

He sees more cities around North America jumping onto the idea.  “Every streetlight in the city could basically do the same thing.  So, they could add the WiFi router to the streetlight and power it there and the WiFi shoots down.  It could work that way as well.”

Sablok adds it’s also good for power companies as it takes away some of the negative stigma from smart meters.  There is only one drawback.  Streaming TV and movies will be very slow.