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Madi recovers from injuries and abuse

SURREY (NEWS1130) – Last September, we told you the story of a puppy who’d been found in downtown Surrey, in really bad shape due to poor treatment.

The people who helped nurse Madi back to life are happy to report she has made a full recovery.

When the little pit bull was found near Surrey city centre, she was only seven weeks old and had scars around her muzzle which gave the appearance someone had duct-taped her mouth shut.

She was also suffering from a leg deformity and skin problems.

April Fahr with the organization HugaBull Advocacy and Rescue Society says thanks to great foster and adoptive families, the puppy is now healthy.

“So nowadays she’s this stunning, beautiful dog. She still has scars on her muzzle, but she can walk. Her leg has healed. Her skin looks great. She lives in a family home with a little boy who is her best friend.” Fahr explains.

“She’s a real testament to the resiliency of these animals. They can be treated so poorly at a young age yet bounce back with tender loving care.”

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Madi, when she was discovered at seven weeks old