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Olympian calls near-death experience opportunity to learn

PEURTO RICO (NEWS1130) – An Olympic gold medallist from Ontario says he’s lucky to be alive.

His boat capsized Saturday while he and three others attempted a Trans-Atlantic rowing trip.

After 73 days at sea, Adam Kreek’s attempt to set a Guinness World Record came to an end.  The group hoped to be the first to row across the Atlantic without help.

Approximately 6,500 kilometres, the trip would take them from Senegal to Miami.  It was cut short about 645 kilometres north of Puerto Rico when the boat was overcome by a large wave.

“Water started flowing in uncontrollably into the cabin and we were flooded, living this terrifying nightmare,” he says.

Kreek says he’s grateful for the quick response from Coast Guards. “You prepare for the worst and expect the best, luckily when the worst case happened, we had incredible luck after that and all the systems worked that were supposed to work.”

He says with every crisis there is an opportunity.  “It’s up to us to take advantage of unfortunate events, there are a lot of lessons that can come from it including safety.”

Kreek was with another Canadian and two Americans and the day before capsizing, they took to social media.

“Lightning storm passed over us yesterday. Jordan’s beard was rising to the sky and glowing, and both antennas were glowing at their tips. Lots of loud thunder and intense eye-shattering lightning. Wow. Crazy freaky!” they tweeted.