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New West burger joint unveils BC election menu

NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS1130) – Now that a provincial election is around the corner, it’s time to see what Burger Heaven in New Westminster will be serving up.

As usual, the menu should produce chuckles for patrons who closely follow BC politics.

The restaurant’s Chris Geib describes the Christy Clark burger as lean-to-the-right grade “A,” cooked over a hot political fire with unique fixings. “A little slab of Point Grey poupon mustard, cheese, a little special CC sauce.”

The Adrian Dix burger features an NDP, or “Nicely Done Patty.”

“A little lean-to-the-left Grade A beef is gaining ground on the front-left burner. It includes a slice of red tomato,” notes Geib.

He tells us the John Cummins burger enjoys a conservative slab of Delta cheddar cheese. “Skill-trained workers are serving this platter. Its burger expenses face high scrutiny to ensure fiscal accountability.”

And the Jane Sterk burger? “It includes a slice of organically-grown green tomatoes, green lettuce, and has come a long way to catch up with the other parties.”