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Big crowd expected in downtown Vancouver tomorrow for 4:20

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – There’s going to be a huge cloud of smoke hanging over the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown tomorrow for 4:20. But one local well-known pot activist says the event is not just about sparking up.

Jodie Emery says there is a misconception that the event is all about getting high, when the real goal is to educate people about the laws surrounding marijuana.

She wants pot legalized and hopes young people learn about it, rather than take it for granted. Emery goes on to suggest that alcohol causes more problems within society than weed.

“There are a lot of responsible adults who use marijuana and don’t hurt anyone else, but the law can hurt them and destroy the rest of their lives because of law, not because of the pot,” she aruges.

Emery feels the laws surrounding marijuana are simply to strict.

“If kids do get ahold of it, you don’t put them in prison; you take it away from them and you punish those who sell it to them. We know punitive laws against pot are not fixing any of the problems prohibition has created like drug gangs and youth use.”

Meanwhile, her husband, Marc Emery (aks the Prince of Pot) has an application going through right now that, if approved, could see him released from a US federal prison by the end of this year.

He is slated to be back home in Canada by next summer at the latest, but he could be back in Vancouver before next year’s 4:20.