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Parents want education to be election issue

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some parents are wondering where education is on the political radar, now that an election campaign is well underway.

Some feel it’s not getting the attention it deserves.

Colin Redfern is the head of Vancouver’s District Parent Advisory Council and says they are increasingly tired of having to fundraise for school basics.

“Parents are raising upwards of $10,000 per school. This isn’t for your extras. This is for sports equipment, supplies in the classroom, and playground equipment. All field trips are now completely subsidized by parents,” he explains

The council is circulating an online petition, asking the government to invest in the public education system.

While the province argues it has never invested more in public education, Redfern says the number of students in classrooms continues to grow, and special needs kids aren’t getting the help they need.

“If we are taking opportunities away from five and six year olds, we are going to rob ourselves of our greatest resource.”

His finger isn’t pointed to any one particular party. He says funding has been an issue for decades, and now is a good time to have a good discussion about where education is headed.