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Liberals hope to gain ground by pushing jobs plan

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC Liberal leader Christy Clark is sticking with the jobs theme as she tries to gain ground against the New Democrats.

She was at Port Metro Vancouver looking at clean technology.

In the week since the campaign started, Clark has dropped by places like a concrete plant and the natural gas sector in the north.

The latest visit was to Saltworks Technologies in Vancouver, where she continued to promote her party’s jobs plan.

She was asked if her message is gaining any traction. “I am working as hard as I can to make sure people understand how stark the choice is, and the difference between the two parties, and I am going to keep doing that. That’s my job.”

Clark continues to accuse the New Democrats of failing to tell people where they stand, despite the NDP’s daily platform releases.

The latest batch of NDP promises includes a plan to get rid of the Pacific Carbon Trust, if elected.

Leader Adrian Dix says he would use money taken from hospitals and schools to fund energy-efficiency upgrades. “What’s happened over the last number of years is tens of millions of dollars from cash strapped hospitals have essentially been transferred to polluters. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

When asked about the NDP proposal, Clark tried to discredit her opponent on the environment.

“The NDP and Adrian Dix have opposed every single environmental initiative that the government has brought forward. They’ve even opposed to independent power production, clean power, all across the province.”

As for the Pacific Carbon Trust, Clark didn’t exactly give it a ringing endorsement. “Well, we’re reviewing it. It hasn’t worked… it hasn’t worked that well. It hasn’t worked perfectly, I don’t think, as expected.”

Dix is also promising to put some carbon tax dollars into green projects like transit. “We’re talking in the first year of doing this, $30 million, $40 million the second year, $50 million the third year, which is not as much as we’d like to spend but it’s what we can afford right now.”

Dix released his party’s environmental platform during a visit to Kamloops.