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NDP Healthcare plan is a good start: frontline workers

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some frontline workers in the healthcare industry say the NDP‘s healthcare platform is a good start. At an NDP campaign rally in Vancouver, leader Adrian Dix outlined his plan to provide better home care for seniors, expand clinics and low cost prescription drug programs. News1130 spoke with healthcare workers and advocates to get their thoughts on the election promises.

Caroline is glad the plan focuses on seniors. She has worked in gerontology for almost 30 years and says she’s tired of seeing what she calls a “revolving door.” “We want the support in the community and in senior’s homes, so they’re not falling, breaking and getting infections because they are not eating and being looked after.”

Art Kube with the Council of Senior Citizen’s of BC can’t help but be a little critical as he says his ultimate goal is universal support. “It’s a step in the right direction but it’s going to have to continue to increase.”

Gloria Levy is another senior’s advocate who is calling for changes to the system. “This government has done it the very opposite way. You get a better bang for your buck if you provide services in the community and people can live in their homes a lot longer.”

Mark who works at VGH doesn’t think the NDP’s plan will solve all problems but is hopeful. “Workload is a major issue in healthcare right now for any employee and that’s affecting patient care.”

Others feel more needs to be done in prevention and mental health.