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Vancouver LEGO Games aims to raise cash for Canuck Place

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – What happens when five students from UBC decide to organize a charity LEGO building event as part of a class project? The Vancouver LEGO Games, this Sunday, benefiting Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

“We just really love LEGO and really love the idea of kids having fun with LEGO, playing some games with it, having a wee bit of competition,” says Darian Kovacs, an organizer with one of the event’s sponsors.

“A really good group of students from the Sauder School of Business was wanting to put on an event as part of their class and so we teamed up to do an amazing skill event that celebrates creativity and also raises a bunch of money for Canuck Place,” he tells News1130.

The Vancouver LEGO Games will bring together 300 competitors and spectators at the Firefighter’s Club in Burnaby and Kovacs says they hope to raise $5,000 through ticket sales, donations, and raffles.

“We have age categories from age 5 all the way up to adults — and you’d be surprised at how many adults have signed up — and there are two types of competition. You can either pre-build your LEGO creation and bring it to be judged, or we’re going to give competitors a half-hour to build a creation on the spot.”

Tickets are sold out, but you can still catch the action and make donations to Canucks Place online.

“We will be live-tweeting and posting video at the event … and we’ll also have photographers and a videographer there who will make sure we record every single creation and all the happenings at Vancouver LEGO games’ first annual event,” adds Kovacs.

Be ready to be impressed!

“We have seen some previews. People have been posting on our Facebook page and we have an Instagram contest running right now. We’re amazed at some of the creativity and some of the ideas people are coming up with. Even some of the adults who have been working on their creations over the last two months, I’m pretty excited to see what type of surprise we’re going to have.”

Kovacs says the inspiration for the event came from his six-year-old son. “I had LEGO as a kid and I passed it down to him. He’s a total LEGO-maniac and we thought we’d do a fun game to celebrate LEGO and get a bunch of fans together to have fun and show off their skills.”

The Vancouver LEGO Games are Sunday from 2-4:30pm at the Firefighter’s Club, 6515 Bonsor Avenue, Burnaby.