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Study shows many teens are taken advantage of at work

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They are not trained properly, sometimes they are not even paid.

Many teens are taken advantage of at work as several look for jobs this summer.

Adrienne Montani is with the First Call BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition and says hundreds of kids end up working under dangerous and unfair conditions in BC every year.

“The message to parents is to do your best, but they should really be pressuring the next provincial government to make it their responsibility,” she says.

A common theme is an employer asking a worker to come try out a shift, they are then not paid for their time or training.

The new report: ‘Child Labour is No Accident‘ also details that the only requirement for children under the age of 15 to work, is to have one written permission letter from a parent and she says that needs to change.

The report also detailed that half of the teens dealt with cuts, burns, falls and other workplace injuries. “It is hard, but stand up for yourself! It’s not easy for kids, they are afraid of losing their jobs.”

Sixty per cent of young people in this study started work at the age 14 or under.