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Scoping out summer travel deals

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Nevermind the long weekend; that summer vacation is getting closer and closer and there are quite a few options for you to maximize your dollar.

If you want to fly, the Caribbean is a pretty good bet. But for those choosing to stay a little closer to home, luckily, there are some pretty good deals to go to New York and Chicago.

“There are some incredible offers in Europe, so some European cruising opportunities in the Mediterranean certainly are looking exceptional this year,” says Graham Cove with Expedia.

He adds there are also some pretty good deals on the water. “We’ve seen seven-day Alaska cruises for as little as $499, round-trip, and up from there. So, [there are] really some tremendous offers.”

A new survey from BMO finds just over eight in 10 of you are planning on going away between now and October, with many looking to spend about $3,100.

Remember, if you are taking a trip south of the line or overseas to buy travel insurance; costs of dealing with an injury or illness can be dauting.

Breaking your leg in the US could cost upwards of $20,000 USD, an air ambulance from Florida to Ontario is $15,000 USD, and treatment for a major sickness in Thailand can be about $40,000 USD.