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Petition launched to change name of Victoria Day to 'Victoria and First People's Day'

A group of Canadians with some high-level backing is pushing for the renaming of Victoria Day.

A petition has been launched to change the name to ‘Victoria and First People’s Day’.

The petition is being backed by federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May as well as famed Canadian author Margaret Atwood.

But not everybody is behind the petition, with Patricia Weatherly, former member of the Monarchist League in B.C., saying the change is not needed.

“It’s our history, isn’t it?” Weatherly said. “I think you’ll find in Quebec they mostly have a lot of the French people that came over there, and they’ve kept most of the names.”

Weatherly also said that changing the name would take away from the Queen.

“Anyone that’s interested in history, would I think want (to know) that that’s the history – that’s what happened,” Weatherly said.

Victoria Day is currently a statutory holiday in six of our provinces and all three territories.