OTTAWA – The expense case of Senator Mike Duffy has now officially been referred to the RCMP.

Following a committee motion, last night, the upper chamber adopted the report in a vote held today.

Both sides came together to try to push the motion through, to get the Mounties involved in a scandal that has rocked the upper chamber.

Once again, Sen. Mike Duffy didn’t show up. His seat remained empty as his colleagues referred his case to police and Liberal Jim Munson admits, he’s surprised.

“Senator Duffy had asked for a public inquiry, and he got it,” Liberal Sen. Jim Munson told reporters after the vote. “He [Duffy] had an opportunity to defend himself, he didn’t show, and we moved on.”

Just because the case has been referred to the RCMP, it doesn’t mean police have to launch an investigation.

At the moment, two parliamentary ethics investigations are underway but they will have to be put on hold if police formally get involved.