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What does your insurance cover for an 'Act of God?'

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Hundreds of homes and property have been destroyed by severe weather in the US recently, but here in Canada, many people don’t know if they are even covered should an “Act of God” strike here.

“Where we’re not covered — and [this is] one of the things that people should be aware of — is overland flooding,” says Steve Kee with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, who adds damage from landslides and snowslides aren’t covered, either.

He adds there are also stipulations surrounding wind and flood damage.

“You need to really take an opportunity to look at what is covered. We’re seeing more and more instances of severe weather and you want to make sure you’re covered for anything that can possibly happen,” he tells us.

While he admits BC is not prone to tornados, strong winds have caused damage over the years.

What about earthquakes? That “big one” could strike at any time.

“There’s an additional earthquake endorsement that is above and beyond… unless you’ve taken that out, you may not have it. If you’re concerned about that, that’s something that you should be checking,” explains Kee.

Severe weather insurance losses cost Canadians about $1 billion every year.