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More than twenty tornadoes touch down, wreak havoc in American Midwest

The Oklahoma City area is among several sections of the American Midwest that once against felt the fury of Mother Nature Friday night.

As many as 23 tornadoes touches down in at least five states, sweeping through the area leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Investigators say the number of confirmed twisters and death toll could rise as investigators survey the damage Saturday with daylight.

Among the five people confirmed killed, a mother and child. Oklahoma Highway Troopers say they arrived on that scene without knowing the tragic situation they faced.

“When the troopers got to what they thought was just an overturned vehicle, they were told by somebody that was travelling with them that the mother and child were missing, that they had been sucked up out of the vehicle and into the storm,” said a reporter in the area.

More than 100 people were injured by the storms, which experts say are not as bad as the deadly twister that struck suburban Moore last week.

Flights Saturday morning out of Oklahoma’s city airport were cancelled due to damage. It was not clear when those flights would start again.

The thunderstorms that accompanied the twisters also brought severe flooding, with more than 200 roads in Missouri closed because of the conditions.

Oklahoma and Missouri both declared a State of Emergency Saturday.