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Dozens march in 3rd Annual SlutWalk Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s about getting rid of victim shaming. Roughly 75 people rallied and took part in the 3rd annual SlutWalk at Vancouver’s Art Gallery to protest against sexual violence. Organizer Caitlin MacDonald says the event is aimed at dispelling the myth that women get assaulted because of what they wear, what they say, or what they do.

She says it all started in Toronto back in 2011 after a police officer told a crowd at York University that women can avoid getting raped if they wear certain clothing. “The words that he used were that if women wanted to prevent being sexually assaulted they needed to just stop dressing like sluts. So it really exemplified an attitude that unfortunately is really widespread and still held.”

She’s trying to eradicate blaming victims. “Women or anyone who is sexually assaulted are in no way to blame for their sexual assaults. It’s about bringing awareness to that, that blaming and victim shaming is really part of wider rape culture that we’re trying to bring awareness to and stand against.”

But it’s not a message just for women. “It’s not a women’s issue, the issue is that we live in a culture that excuses away assault and excuses away sexual violence and rape. We’re trying to bring visibility to that, and speak against it and educate.”

She says instead of just teaching women to prevent getting raped, we should be educating everyone to stop the sexual violence.