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Recent twisters may spark dangerous trend of tornado tourism

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Weather watchers may be more inclined to storm chase given the recent twisters that have touched down in Oklahoma.

Tornado tourism can be deadly.

That’s why Storm Spotter Kyle Brittain says it is not a hobby for amateurs.

“Do not put yourself directly in the path, and be aware of what the storm is doing at all times. There are other hazards out there on the roads as well. Water and ice and visibility and other traffic as well. I think that was a big problem over the weekend in Oklahoma.”

He says most people who track twisters are meteorologists or scientists, so if you are booking a twister tour, he says you are putting your life in the hands of tour operators, and it’s wise to make sure those operators have the right qualifications.

“People want to see thrills in life but you need to be trained and you need to be aware of the dangers.”

His advice: “Be respectful and don’t get too close, that is the main thing.”

Nineteen people were killed in Friday’s storms in Oklahoma including three storm researchers.

115 people were also treated for injuries at several Oklahoma City area hospitals.