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Food trucks would profit from a bit of distance: SFU study

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They are popping up all over Vancouver but most of the food trucks in the city are largely found near Robson Square.

A new SFU study suggests that having them too close together may not be such a good thing.

Math student Benny Wai and his team of researchers crunched some numbers, looked at the conflict between restaurants and food trucks and found they should be more spaced out in order to improve business. “Our analysis of it showed us that it might be actually a little bit better to disperse the food trucks so that they are a little bit farther away, but still have a lot of local customers.”

He says they took pedestrian traffic into consideration as well. “Pedestrians can access the food trucks easier and we want to make sure that the food trucks aren’t too close to other, especially food trucks of the same type. We also want to make sure that the food trucks are not too close to local restaurants.”

In terms of where they should be located, he says Denman Street is a better food truck hub and more grub on wheels placed on Dunsmuir and Water Streets would also be a better fit.

The study has been sent to the City of Vancouver to look over it in an attempt to make the programs better.