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Should landlords be able to deny renters with pets?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If Vancouver city council has its way, landlords will no longer be able to demand “no pets allowed.”

Not everyone is in favour of this motion.

The Rental Housing Council of BC doesn’t agree with the idea, President and CEO Amy Spencer says it should remain based on choice.

“Ten per cent of irresponsible pet owners do cause damage, so back in 2004 when the province did look at this, they provided landlords with the ability to charge a pet damage deposit.”

“We’ve actually had cases where people have been sued in the past where they’ve had new tenants come in and there has been some pet dander left over. Their children had an allergic reaction. It is a very individual choice. I’m a renter and I have a pet, and pets to me are a privilege and not a right.”

Councillor Tim Stevenson disagrees, “So why should people, just because they can’t afford to have a house or a big backyard, not be able to have a pet?”

He says over half of Vancouver households are renters, and the City of Vancouver is home to more than a quarter of the rental housing for the entire province.

A final decision would be up to the province of BC.

Ontario does not allow landlords to ban pets in rental housing agreements.