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Push for better payout for bumped AC passengers takes flight

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As we wait to see what Air Canada does about upping compensation for passengers who are bumped from its flights, there’s an online petition that is gaining momentum; more than 20,000 people have joined the national campaign.

The petition follows last week’s Canadian Transportation Agency‘s decision that found the airline’s $200 maximum is way too low.

Jeremy Cooperstock is behind the campaign. He says says passengers in the United States get up to $1,300 when they’re bumped.

“You’ve got to remember that Air Canada is a company that’s been supported and propped up taxpayers time and time again. We, as Canadians, have invested enough in supporting this company. It owes Canadians a certain debt of gratitude.”

He adds his frustration is felt by people nationwide. “I think people are passionate about this. It’s really something that appeals to the public as a whole. People are speaking out loudly: ‘Hey, Air Canada! Listen to us!'”

Air Canada has a couple more weeks left to respond to pricing recommendations from the CTA. However, it doesn’t have to accept them.

Click here to find the petition.