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New Family Law Act discriminates against fathers: Lawyer

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s new Family Law Act has changed the legal landscape for dad’s.

A local lawyer says fathers in BC are now treated unfairly before the courts.

Vancouver lawyer Carey Linde says it’s the worst Fathers Day gift a Dad could receive.

“Essentially, if a father of a child has never resided with the child, and the mother does not consent to the father participating in the child’s life, that father is S-O-L. That father has no legal rights.”

Linde says the law, brought in on March 18th is discriminatory against men. “This act is damaging to children in the sense that there is no argument anywhere that kids need two parents and where a law legitimately excludes one parent from a child is a sad state of affairs.”

Linde says the Act is not gender neutral, since it’s only in very rare cases that mothers are not permitted to be with their children.