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BC film industry talking about how to lure productions

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s film industry is wondering what it can do to these days to give itself an advantage in a bottom-line business.

Industry leaders are meeting to try to close the gap with their competition.

The industry is facing the reality of the high Canadian dollar, the return of the PST, and the ongoing tax credit battle with Ontario and Quebec. Peter Leitch of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC thinks pushing the “film-friendly” brand might work.

“If we can do some of those other things, I think that will be helpful in terms of making sure we can attract some of these productions, or make sure they have a great experience when they come here. But we’re certainly not the lowest cost jurisdiction any more, that’s for sure.”

“We’ve got a lot of talent here but the bottom line is such an important thing these days, and the differential is really challenging for us,” he admits.

Leitch says they’re doing well on the TV side right now, but the feature film side of the business has been slow.

The BC government is trying to find agreement with Ontario and Quebec to stop outdoing each other’s film tax credits.