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Point Grey-plan critics accused of 'stirring up trouble'

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A battle is heating up over the future of Point Grey Road in Vancouver.

One side wants more consultation, while the other wants action.

The city has three options on the table for the narrow but popular street between Kitsilano and Jericho beaches: leave it alone; create a one-way street for westbound vehicles and dedicated bike lane; or closing the street off from commuter traffic and diverting traffic along West 4th Ave.

Spice Lucks, with a loosely-affiliated group called Kitsilano Cares, says the city has to put the brakes on plans to change traffic patterns on Point Grey Road.

“This is way too far-reaching. There are so many commuters affected by this,” she says. “Inner streets are clogged solid. I don’t know if we’re going to create a green outcome here. So we just want to slow this process down.”

Her PlaceSpeak website outlines, “Neither of the options proposed by the city can fully address the traffic and parking concerns of the area residents.”

Pamela McColl is on the other side of the debate and feels Lucks’ group is derailing what the city is trying to accomplish.

“This group of individuals have taken it upon themselves to stir up trouble and criticize the process,” she says.

While Lucks says not enough voices or options have been considered, McColl believes people of the neighbourhood have full access to city staff while putting together the proposals.

“They come out at a drop of a hat to meet 10 of us at a coffee shop or answer questions. They’ve been absolutely stellar,” says McColl.

The city hosted a number of open houses in the spring. City staff are expected to table a report with a recommended final design and cost estimate this summer.