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Missing hiker on Eagle Mountain in Coquitlam

COQUITLAM (NEWS1130) – Even in the sunshine, you still have to be prepared when hiking in the backcountry. Coquitlam Search and Rescue has resumed its search for a man missing on Eagle Mountain.

It’s believed the hiker became lost while walking the Dilly Dally loop, part of the Halvor Lunden Trail, with his dog near Buntzen Lake last night.

“We had cellphone contact with him for a short period of time but his battery has died,” says Search Manager Michael Coyle.

The man called Coquitlam SAR, asking for help around 6:30 p.m.

“We had enough light to get a helicopter up in the air and drop two teams, a total of five SAR members, up on top of Eagle Ridge,” adds Coyle. “We got information from him that let us narrow down the search area but we were not able to spot him from the air.”

There’s been no sign of the hiker so far. He’s been on the mountain since 10:30 a.m. yesterday.