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Recent heat wave likely to affect your grocery bill

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – You can expect your grocery bill to go up significantly thanks to the recent extreme weather we’ve been having and now there are certain BC staples that are being affected.

The sunny weather is raising the temperature of our water, threatening our salmon, says SFU’s Deborah Harford who also predicts local blueberry crops will suffer in the future. Corn crops in the US will also take a hit down the line which will affect the price of beef and pork because their feed will be too expensive. Warmer temperatures are also expected to play a part in the damage left by agricultural pests.

“Some things are becoming unavailable; certain kinds of fish are becoming harder to get and therefore much more expensive when you do get them.”

She adds the Okanagan will face the most challenges in the future with water shortages and the heat which will affect wine production which is a huge money-maker for the province.

Harford is working with researchers that are calling on the government to bring in measures to conserve water. “We’re seeing a culmination of too much water or too little water affecting crops across the country and affecting crops abroad that we’re reliant on and that we import.”

She says climate change is already here and resources will become increasingly scarce looking ahead.