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VPD disturbed by 'Don't be that Girl' campaign

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vancouver Police are not impressed with a parody on an anti-rape campaign.

It’s called “Don’t be that Girl” and it is creating controversy.

The ads use the same photos from the “Don’t be that Guy” campaign talking to men about taking advantage of women.

Posters are popping up around Alberta with messages that include: “Just because you regret that one-night stand, doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual.”

“Just because you regret your life choices, doesn’t mean it’s rape,” reads another parody ad.

Cst. Brian Montague says it’s the complete opposite message they’re trying to get out.  “Blaming the victim is not appropriate. The ‘Don’t be that Guy’ campaign targets the offender and this is a real problem. Sex without consent is sexual assault. Plain and simple.”

Yesterday News1130 told you about a new survey suggesting one-in-five Canadians think women encourage sexual assault when they are drinking.