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Whitehorse council meeting promoted as the next hit reality TV show

VANCOUVER – Survivor, Big Brother and MasterChef move aside, a local TV station in Whitehorse is bringing you the next summer blockbuster: City Council meetings.

A tongue-in-cheek commercial from Community Cable 9 promotes its Monday night council broadcasts, all set to dramatic music that would not be out of place in a super hero movie.

The 50-second commercial is full of edge-of-your-seat scenes, including a sweating jug of ice water on a table, a council member flipping paper and councillors looking at other councillors.

The climax comes 24 seconds into the spot when the dramatic music cuts off just as Mayor Dan Curtis announces that council has granted an additional $15,000 to a museum.

The commercial has been posted on YouTube, where it has garnered over 33,000 views in the past few days.