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Twenty years since protests at Clayoquot Sound

CLAYOQUOT SOUND (NEWS1130) – This summer marks 20 years since the protest blockades to protect the forests of Clayoquot Sound from logging.

Organizers have put together an event billed as a “wild weekend” to mark the anniversary.

The protests are best remembered as the largest act of peaceful civil disobedience in Canadian history.

Emery Hartley with Friends of Clayoquot Sound says three days have been set aside starting this Thursday to celebrate the struggle, but he says there is still much work to be done.

“There’s still logging going on in our forests, there’s two potential mines, and there’s fish farms throughout the sound. All these things are bringing — or could bring — heavy ecological tolls on our environment.”

“There’s still a fair bit of work to do there; it’s just no longer as much on the public radar. We’re hoping with thie ‘Wild Weekend,’ we can put things back on people’s radar and remind them the reason we came out to Clayoquat sound in 1993 is still here.

The “wild weekend” includes panels composed of many of the people who were there back in 1993,  including federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May and former Environment Minister John Cashore.