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Delta issuing fines to people dumping garbage illegally

DELTA (NEWS1130) – So many people are dumping household garbage in Delta, enforcement has been stepped up.

Bylaw charges have been laid against 18 people in the past six months.

It’s things like broken furniture, mattresses, BBQs, you name it Councillor Ian Paton says they’ve seen it.

“My goodness it’s a total act of ignorance, it’s like taking your McDonalds bag and wrappers and Styrofoam and just pitching them out your window which we just don’t do anymore in this day and age so it’s very frustrating to see the ignorance of people.”

He thinks people are simply too lazy to go to the landfill so they head out in the middle of the night and dump on public roads and private farm property.

If you’re caught you could be fined $500 plus the cost of cleanup.