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Taxpayers Federation looks at outsourcing BC Ferries

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is looking at the possibility of outsourcing BC Ferries to Washington State.

It claims if Washington can provide a similar service at a fraction of the cost the province should consider the possibility.

Jordan Bateman with the CTF says the idea came after looking at ways to cut high costs surrounding BC Ferries.

“You really wonder what’s going on. Washington State Ferries has fewer routes, fewer boats but actually carries more passengers and more vehicles than our ferry system does. Lets see what Washington State can do with our ferries, let’s at least talk about it. Perhaps they can deliver this service cheaper.”

Bateman says if outsourcing isn’t possible the province should at least look at Washington State Ferries as a model.

“Washington State Ferries, their CEO answers directly to the Governor. Imagine the BC Ferries branch answering to the Premier or to the Minister of Transportation. It might cause more political concerns whenever these executives came and asked for more money.”

Bateman says further studies need to be done in order to see if the idea of outsourcing can become a reality.

He claims any move to help lower fares, and ultimately help consumers should be considered by the province.