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Vancouver should get more women cycling: prof

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Just 30 per cent of cyclists in Vancouver are women, a number that needs to change according to Dr. Kay Teschke, if the city wants to hit a 10 per cent commuter cycling rate.

The professor of population and public health from UBC claims in order to get more women on the road the city has to build more dedicated bike lanes.

“Young men have a history, in all modes of transportation of being willing to take more risks, meaning they’re more likely to share the road with cars. Bike paths, like around the Sea Wall, that’s something that attracts women to cycle.”

Vancouver is still behind European cities when it comes to commuter cycling rates.

Countries like Germany and The Netherlands have a 40 per cent urban commuter bike rate, and of those cyclists 55 per cent are women.

Meanwhile Vancouver has close to six per cent of commuters biking to work.

Another issue claims Dr. Teschke is that Vancouver’s cycling infrastructure is quite segregated, depending on where people live has a large impact on how much they cycle.

“For example, areas that are served by the Dunsmuir viaduct, they have 15 per cent of trips by bike. But the southern areas of the city have zero per cent.”

In Canada, Vancouver lags only behind Victoria which has an urban cycling rate close to 10 per cent.