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Port Mann 'ice bombs' have cost ICBC $400,000 so far

SURREY (NEWS1130) – Several months after so-called “ice-bombs” wreaked havoc on the new Port Mann bridge, we’re now getting a sense of the cost of the damage.

ICBC has so far paid out about $400,000.

Drivers made close to 350 claims to the insurance corporation for damage from falling clumps of ice and snow one day last December.

The cost to ICBC may go up even more. Adam Grossman with the corporation says they’re still working to resolve the last few cases.

“Luckily, we didn’t see many injury claims as a result from the incident on the Port Mann Bridge, but a few of them, unfortunately, have an injury component to them, and those will typically take longer to settle then just the vehicle damage.”

Once all the claims are resolved, Grossman says they’ll decide whether to turn to the courts to try to recoup the money.

“We’re going to keep our focus on looking after those customers and settling those claims as quickly as possible. Only after we’re done with all of the claims will we look at any potential next steps in terms of recovering costs.”

TI Corp, the Crown agency that operates the bridge, has paid $110,000 to cover the deductibles of drivers whose vehicles were damaged.