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CTF wants 'none of above' option on transit funding ballot

LOWER MAINLAND (NEWS1130) – What is the best way to pay for new transit projects in the Lower Mainland? A vehicle levy? A sales tax? How about none of the above?

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation believes the latter option should be on next year’s referendum ballot.

Jordan Bateman with the CTF says if people don’t think paying for better transit is important, they should be allowed to say they don’t want to pay for it. “Not everyone feels comfortable giving TransLink more money. They need an option, too.”

We don’t yet know the options, but there’s been a lot of discussion on what they might be.

“There actually should be a separate option for people to tick off that says ‘No, I don’t want to give TransLink any more of my hard-earned money,” maintains Bateman.

No firm date has been set yet, but the province plans on putting the options to a referendum that will likely happen late next year.

The City of Surrey says it’s been under-serviced for transit for years, Vancouver wants more transportation options to and from UBC, and there’s also a call for a gondola up to SFU.

Local mayors have come up with several proposals to pay for those projects, but the BC government hasn’t accepted any of them.