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Union of BC Municipalities Convention starts soon

SUNSHINE COAST – (NEWS1130) In a couple weeks, municipal politicians from all over BC will decide which issues they want to lobby the federal government on.  But getting results on that wish list will be difficult.

It seems the resolutions passed at the annual Union of BC Municipalities Convention often fall on deaf ears in Victoria.  Sunshine Coast Regional District Chair Garry Nohr says the system needs an adjustment.

“Maybe there’s better communication that needs to be done, or maybe the UBCM needs to be a little more aggressive,” he adds.

Nohr says too often UBCM will endorse an idea and then nothing happens.  He doesn’t blame the BC government, instead pointing at himself and his fellow local politicians.

“You count on your organization to do the work for you,” he says.  “So maybe in this case, in a lot of cases, they should say, well, there’s a possibility you might be more effective if you do the work yourself.”

He says part of the problem might be municipal politicians get their resolutions passed at UBCM, and then they wait for the union to push the issue forward.

Nohr wants to see an evaluation done on how effective UBCM resolutions actually are.  He makes his pitch in a little over two weeks at the annual convention.