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Political analyst isn't expecting fall legislature session

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – If you’ve been expecting your provincial government to get down to business this fall — you may have to think again. Our political analyst believes a fall sitting of the legislature is not going to happen.

They weren’t expecting to get elected, so they don’t have a plan moving forward. That’s what OMNI TV’s Kim Emerson believes is going on with the BC Liberals.

He adds details on plans and projects are more likely to be released when MLAs return to Victoria in the spring.

“They’re trying to formulate exactly what they need to put in place going forward for the next four years and what they want to do for the province and the direction they need to go,” Emerson says. “The won’t have that together in time for a fall sitting.”

Emerson says since the Liberals’ shocking re-election, they’ve largely focused on their core review of government spending and on passing the budget.