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New Cape Horn Interchange ready this time next week

SURREY (NEWS1130) – It’s been a construction mess for more than four years — but by this time next week, the new Cape Horn Interchange will be fully operational.

You’re being warned to plan ahead.

On Sunday morning, a new direct connection will open from Highway One Eastbound to the Mary Hill Bypass. Max Logan with the improvement project says it means no more left turns onto United Boulevard.

What used to take minutes will now take seconds, according to Logan.

“During rush hour it’s not uncommon for someone coming off the highway to wait at the exit at United sometimes for one cycle of the light or more,” he points out. “Traffic in the afternoon tends to snake along quite slowly on United.”

“Commuters will be able to eliminate those stops, those traffic lights. No more slowing down, no more stopping. It’s a direct connection through a tunnel, over a new road, right to the Mary Hill Bypass,” Logan explains.

Later in the week, more will open to traffic.Cape Horn

“Next Thursday, a brand new connection will open from the Port Mann Bridge to Lougheed Highway westbound,” Logan adds. That connection will also have a direct link from the Mary Hill Bypass to Lougheed Highway westbound.

The Cape Horn Interchange is BC’s most complex junction of highways, dubbed a mega project within a mega project. More than four years ago, before construction began, there were just four structures. Now there are 15.

Logan says improvements and widening from Coquitlam to Vancouver are on schedule to be finished by December but all 10 lanes of the new Port Mann Bridge won’t be complete until next year.

The total cost of the 37 kilometre Highway One improvement project is $3.3 billion. Construction began in 2008 and should be entirely finished by mid 2014.

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