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Hundreds protest re-zoning process in Vancouver

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Hundreds of people gathered outside city hall this evening, to protest how the business of re-zoning is being conducted.

It didn’t matter which neighbourhood they represented, the people protesting all feel the same way when it comes to the public consultation part of the planning process.

“They put on a great show in the planning process, however the actual decisions are made ahead of time and this seems to be a trend for this Vision council,” says one lady from Hastings Sunrise.

“More space, more time,” was one of the strongest chants heard from the crowd but there was also a political undertone to the rally.

“Get Vision out,” was another popular chant.

The crowd seemed united in a stance against Vision Vancouver, as one woman from Mt. Pleasant explains. “Get Vision out of council. The problem is there’s too much of a monopoly with Vision and they always, if you see every type of re-zoning, Vision have all voted 90 per cent of the time in favour of re-zoning even though it has gone completely against the community.”

The crowd even included a sprinkling of Kitsilano residents upset at the recent decision on the permanent bike lane.

“There are clearly other neighbourhoods that are unhappy as well with the lack of consultation within the communities,” says one Kits resident.

The rally very much had the feeling of a political rally, with the next municipal election 14 months away.