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How often do you have your fireplace serviced?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The sunny weather you enjoyed yesterday is now long gone; fall weather is back.

It’s time to you light up your fireplace again, and there are few things you should know before you do.

Many people do not have their gas fireplaces serviced on an annual basis, but Lisa Martin with Fireplaces to Go says many people don’t realize “it’s got wearable parts to it. These things either need to be serviced or replaced.”

It’s usually a short service call; staff clean and replace those parts, which helps prevent cracks and leaks of gas or carbon monoxide. Martin says it usually takes about 45 minutes for a technician to make sure your fireplace is safe to turn on.

“You just don’t want any leakage into your home so that you’re actually breathing that in,” she tells us.

CO can be lethal.

Many manufacturers insist you have a service on an annual basis.

This could actually void your warranty if you did have any bigger problems that came down the road,” advises Martin.