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Passenger ferry between Vancouver and Nanaimo may sail again

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Could the third time be a charm?

There is another attempt in the works to launch a fast passenger ferry from Downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo.

Come Springtime the ferry could be running about four round trips a day. “This would be a perfect link between Nanaimo and Vancouver to bring them into Vancouver to spend some money and spend some time. We’re seeing a growth in tourism between both of our cities and a link would certainly help tourism in both places,” says Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang.

Charles Gautier with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association thinks it would be great for local shops but isn’t completely sold on the idea. “It’s hard to say that this will be a success or failure without looking at all the details, but things have dramatically changed since that last service operated between Downtown Vancouver and Downtown Nanaimo, so I think this may be the time it will be much more successful than it was in the past.”

After planning for four years, the secret investors are finalizing the proposal now. Apparently they’ve learned from past mistakes and believe the demand is much higher now.