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Never too early to warn children about bullying: expert

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It has been one year since Amanda Todd took her own life, after enduring months of cyber-bullying.

One expert says it’s never too early to warn children about the power of their words. In fact, the owner of one Vancouver pre-school feels the younger the better and says it’s also important to teach children about compassion.

“As they grow older, they will see that when another person is suffering, be it a headache, a sneeze, or a boo-boo or a cut on a finger — whatever it is — then they can feel for that person,” says Peggy Lee of Little Sunshine Academy.

Lee pushes a “no technology” policy in her pre-school, so children are encouraged to interact with each other, instead of with their devices.

She also feels parents have a duty to correct bullying-type behaviour as soon as they see it.

“We don’t write it off. If there’s a problem and we see it, we don’t write it off and say, ‘Oh, no, no, they’re just being kids’ or ‘children will be children.’ We address it. If you see something you feel is not right, then speak up.”

Amanda Todd took her own life one year ago today, but not before posting a video online about her struggles with cyberbullying, prompting a global outpouring of grief.