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Are Halloween costumes too sexy?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – When it comes to female Halloween costumes, it seems less is definitely best in recent years. You can take almost any title, slap the word sexy in front of if and it seems to be a license to remove several items of clothing.

But has the sexification of the holiday gone too far?

“I think it’s perfectly fine if women are dressing sexy, I don’t think they’ve had enough, I think they love it. I love it, I think it’s cool,” says one woman who has yet to buy a costume this year.

She’s not alone with that opinion.

“Women always like to doll it up for Halloween so I guess it’s the one chance that we get to dress a little inappropriate perhaps,” says another woman, who says she is planning on heading out but doesn’t know where yet.

But she does admit the trend seems to be getting and younger, something most concede is a problem.

“I mean I’m glad I don’t have a teenage daughter, put it that way.”

Others just see sexy costumes as inevitable.

“There’s gonna be haters when it comes to everything,” says a female school teacher. She also agrees that sexy costumes are increasingly showing up on continually younger girls which is a concern, but in her opinion, as long you’re of age, it’s free reign, even if it is a bit misguided.

“What is Halloween, the history? [when] Hallween started it was not what it is today. Now it’s an excuse to dress like a skank.”

Though there are those who feel the endless fishnet stockings have crossed a moral boundary.

“I’m pretty conservative so I think it went too far quite a few years ago. I remember costumes in high school that I felt were really inappropriate,” says another woman.