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Richmond wants provincial funding to prevent floods

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – Richmond’s mayor is calling for more funding from the province to help prevent future floods.

Malcolm Brodie says the dike levels need to be raised. “The cost of the future dike upgrades is certainly in the tens of millions of dollars. When we did our study we thought it was a long-term project and probably, you’re looking at a price tag of $150 million to $200 million.”

He’s also hoping the federal government will get on board. “It’s a very large figure and something for which we certainly need the assistance of senior levels of government to accomplish.”

Brodie says Richmond is one of the most at-risk so there needs to be an added level of protection. “We have talked about having not just a dike around the perimetre of the island, but also having a north-south dike that would be an added level of protection.”