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Canada should cut federal transfer dollar red tape: report

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Could we get by with a little less bureaucracy when it comes to spending your tax dollars?

A right-wing think tank is calling on the feds to give more decision-making power to the provinces.

It feels when the federal government brings in your tax money and distributes it to the provinces, it should be up to provincial governments to decide how it’s spent.

Sean Speer with the Fraser Institute says the fewer rules and regulations the provincial governments have to deal with, the better.

“That’s really the essence of federalism that provides… then the provinces, who are ultimately accountable to their voters, to use those resources as they best see fit,” he explains.

While Speer says Canada’s system could certainly be improved, it’s actually much less bureaucratic than what they do in the United States. He says there are 1,100 separate areas they deal with in the US system; in Canada, we have three.