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Are BC drivers getting ruder?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – How was your commute this morning? Did anyone flip you the finger?

A new poll suggests most British Columbians think we are getting ruder on the roads, cutting off other drivers, offering rude gestures and showing other forms of aggressive driving.

New numbers from Insights West in today’s Vancouver Sun suggest seven in 10 of us regularly deal with rude or impolite people while driving.

Commuters News1130 spoke with see it every day and most say it is getting worse.

“Once every two or three hours at least,” says Anthony, who drives a large commercial truck.

“The worst thing I’ve seen is an actual fist fight on a Vancouver street corner. I got there after the fact and I was laughing at the two combatants because they were making such fools of themselves and tying up traffic at 4 p.m., of course.”

Jay drives to the North Shore from Downtown Vancouver every day and says he always encounters rude drivers.

“I have to line up for bridge traffic every morning and there are people who know what they are doing, [but] they butt in, cut in and pretend they don’t know. I’m pretty sure these people drive this route every day,” he laughs, pointing out the behaviour often results in the angry “one fingered wave.”

“I’ve had that a couple of times. It’s kind of funny actually, because I don’t reciprocate. I think it just causes more problems. People are funny.”

It seems things might be more civil on transit; the poll finds less than half of bus and train riders report regularly seeing rude behaviour.