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Event challenges the fastest way to get to work in Vancouver

NEWS1130 (VANCOUVER) – Imagine you’re late for an important meeting.

Which option do you pick to get there on time: Car, bike or transit? If you chose bike, you would have arrived on time!

“Teams consisting of one car driver, one transit taker and one cyclist will start from locations around Vancouver to see who can arrive first for 8:30 am Wednesday morning at Library Square,” Laura Jane with the Share the Road Challenge tells News1130. “We tried to make it so that it’s pretty competitive. All of the locations have fairly good public transit, they’re not too far and it’s not right during the peak of rush hour.”

The event was designed to get people talking about Bike to Work Week, which starts on Monday.

Jane says the competition was fair.

When teams arrive at the finish line they were greeted with snacks, coffee and prizes.