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Toronto mayor's approval rating up despite scandal

TORONTO (NEWS1130) – The scandal surrounding Toronto’s mayor, involving a video that is now in the hands of police, has not hurt Rob Ford’s approval rating with voters.  In fact, his numbers are up.

Investigators in Toronto confirmed earlier this week they have recovered a video that is reported to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine.  But a new poll from Forum Research shows that Ford’s approval rating has climbed slightly to 44%.

But there are not too many people who are undecided on the mayor and how he should proceed moving forward.  The majority of respondents say he should resign.

A staggering 98% of people told the polling company they’ve heard about the video and are aware of the allegations against Ford.

“We don’t get numbers in the 90s,” says Lorne Bozinoff with the polling company.  He says there are two likely reasons for the increased support for the mayor.

“The media scrum looked a bit aggressive in front of his house the other day, following his kids around on Halloween and so forth.  There might be some sympathy.”

68% of those polled believe the video is authentic and the majority feels it should be made public.  Mayor Ford has a meeting today at city hall in Toronto.