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Vancouver cabbie returns $10K found on backseat

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – As far as good deeds go, this is near the top of the list.

Yellow Cab taxi driver Sarjinder Singh picked up a fare in Yaletown last Friday.
He dropped the man off in Kitsilano before picking up another passenger who noticed something in the back seat. “The customer saw a white envelope in the cab. It contained $10,000 and it’s all cash,” says Singh.

Singh immediately drove back to where he dropped the man off to return the money.

“He had to fly the next day. And after I gave him his money he wanted to give me $1,000 cash but I said no, it’s my job you know. And he said ‘thank you because I need my money and I have to fly back tomorrow.’ I didn’t talk that much to him because I had a customer in the cab and it’s busy. I had to go back you know.”

Singh works 12-hour shifts and says drivers are honest people who often get a bad reputation. “We have bills to pay, we have families, we have kids. People should appreciate cab drivers. They work hard.”

Singh wants everyone to know drivers are people too. “Mostly cab drivers are working hard. Mostly they are nice. They are not like douchebags or strangers. Whatever they find, they try to return it back.”

Singh says he’s returned everything from wallets to cell phones. He says that the lost and found at his cab company is overflowing with unclaimed loot including what he estimates to be around 500 cell phones.

His boss says cabbies are definitely under-appreciated and that only negative stories make the news.