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Is Rob Ford Canada's most embarrassing politican ever?

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Rob Ford may very well be the most embarrassing politician in Canadian history.

A political scientist says other figures have been part of a media circus before, but they haven’t lasted this long, while they were still been in power.

“Of course we can recall the cabinet minister in Saskatchewan Colin Thatcher found guilty of murdering his wife. Or Richard Hadfield in New Brunswick who famously cruised around in his limo looking for young men,” notes Dennis Pilon with York University.

He also mentions Premier Gordon Campbell’s famous DUI.

But Pilon says with Ford, “I feel like we are caught in a live reality show where every week some crazy new event will ensue.”

Today, Ford used sexually graphic language, while announcing he will take legal action against staffers who told police they saw the mayor using drugs and hanging out with prostitutes.